Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Quote from My Wife

Me: (That guy) can talk a lot once he gets started.
My Wife: You are a lot like that guy.


  1. You did leave me a really long message the other day!! haha

  2. Hey! I didn't even get started.

    Your punishment: I'll leave a really long message next time.

  3. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Hey, so I am not really sure why, but this reminded me of the first time I met you...I sat down at your desk at kick off weekend at the "fiesta" of forms...you tell me you are going to Rijeka, and my response was something along the lines of cool...and then you look at me and notice my nose piercing, and precede to tell me how much you like it...but you don't stop at a simple compliment but continue to talk about it totally distracted from Rijeka, and stint... Like I said I don't know why I thought of that, but it made me laugh.

  4. It's not my fault. Unlike Alexis' mom, I just really dig nose piercings.