Friday, November 10, 2006

Just humor me and pretend to care

You can go see the new trailer for Spider-man 3 here.

I thought the first one was mediocre, and that the 2nd one was great.

Number 3 has an okay look to it. I always wonder, though... why does every "3" movie have to have three villains? Seems stupid to me. Oh well.

Sandman looks cool, though. And I'm glad that Harry Osborn isn't going to get a big dumb helmet like his Dad had in the first one. Mixed feelings on the black suit showing up already. I'll give it a shot, though.

Which means that Krista will have to go, too. Ha ha!

p.s. I was kind of hoping for the Lizard and Werewolf by Night. I guess there's always Spider-man 4.


  1. No need for humor - I do care. And the most exciting news of all - I will actually BE In The US when it opens. Yay Yay!

  2. Awww! Someone who really cares! I forgot that you were a comic book freak. But I remember how excited you were about X-Men. Did you ever get to see that last scene after the credits?

  3. No, I live in India, remember.

    (But I wouldn't be too surprised to get it on DVD from mom for Christmas... - reminder to me - remind mom)

  4. I am pretty excited about Spidey 3, but don't you think Toby looks a little like Frodo in this picture? Maybe I am crazy...