Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Google Translate makes the world more amazing.

I got a note from my friend Rute in Brazil this morning.

It said:

Matt, reli o livro A Noite do Cristão Morto-Vivo, é maravilhoso! Obrigada, por nos presentear com seus dons!... Jesus blesses you!

Which, as you may have noticed, is largely in Portuguese. I was able to puzzle out part of it, but Google Translate helped me with the rest. 

Then I was able to send her a note in reply!

Here's what I said:

Obrigado, Rene! É sempre bom ouvir que alguém gosta de meus livros. Tenha um dia maravilhoso e que Deus abençoe você!

I'm guessing there might be some awkward Portuguese there, but it's way better than me guessing at it and trying to put some words together. 

Um. Then I noticed I had misspelled her name, so I had to send one more note. 

Desculpe, Rute, eu mal escrito o seu nome!
Oops. Sorry, Rute!

Still, pretty neat. Thanks, Google.

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