Tuesday, June 05, 2012

"WE ARE YOUNG" and why old people shouldn't try to fake it

Yesterday, on the way to drop my nine-year-old, A, off at swimming, we heard the song "We Are Young" by Fun. playing on the radio. If you're unfamiliar with the song, here it is:

During the song A asked me: Why do they keep saying "We are young"?

Me: Well, you know, when you are young you want to get older, but when you get old you want to get younger. So they're saying, like, tonight they're young (or are pretending to be young, or wishing they are young) and so they're going to go crazy and set the world on fire, try to change it and then they're going to be so amazing and full of glory that they'll shine bright as the sun and everyone will want to look at them.

A: That's dumb. Because if they burn too bright everyone will just shield their eyes and say, "AAAAH ALL THOSE OLD PEOPLE ARE SHINING TOO BRIGHT!"

Me: ....

Anyway. Today. I am old. So I'll let the whole world smolder til she gets older and joins the fold.


A: Dad, can you get senior discounts yet?

Me: No!

A: But I thought you were 47 years old?

Me: What?! No!


  1. Firstborn has just hit the point where he's started telling people that they're old. We're having a little discussion about etiquette when that comes up...

  2. So now I really do feel old after watching this video . . . thanks for sharing. And my youngest (at age 12) LOVES to tell people how old I am.