Monday, June 04, 2012

Most popular posts from May

It's JUNE! I can't believe it. Well, okay, I guess I can believe it. But still, that was fast. Here are the top six posts at BHR last month:

#1 Ridiculous One Star Review of Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are. If you didn't like this one you can go to bed without any dinner.

#2 The most elaborate and lovely marriage proposal ever captured on film. Not that it rivals my own, in which SCUBA-diving villains attacked us on a beach, I beat them up with awesome kung fu and then took a ring in a waterproof bag off their machine-gun toting bodies. But it was pretty good anyway.

#3 Mixed Messages. In which my children are told by their teacher to eat healthy while the PTA collects soda and promises ice cream parties. If you didn't like this post, chances are you were skipping dinner anyway to eat chocolate bars.

#4 How the Avengers Should Have Ended. In which we learn that if you do something REALLY REALLY good like saving the Earth, you shall be rewarded with shwarma for dinner.

#5 In which we meld the Avengers and Maurice Sendak, creating a unified whole. It's the cuteness of justice!


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