Monday, December 19, 2011

More sightings of Night of the Living Dead Christian in the wild!

I'm running a bit behind on updates about Night of the Living Dead Christian! So consider this your king-sized helping of Catchup.

First, the Columbian, the local paper here in Vancouver ran a short article about me and the book this week. Be sure to read carefully, or you might get confused and think that I opened a jazz joint! That's the other guy featured in the article! Special thanks to Ruth Zschomler for writing the article!

My parents, coincidentally, happened by the store mentioned in the article, Cover to Cover Books, and look what they found:  


Fellow author Renee Johnson Fisher sent along this lovely picture, and shared her review of the book here:

And THEN, as if that was not enough, Renee somehow was hanging out with yet-another-fellow-author named Lisa Velthouse, and they sent me a tweet asking if my ears were burning and when I clicked on it I saw this:

Awww, thanks ladies. I can't believe we've never met face to face, because I really, really like you both.

Now, that is not all. You must go see this review from last week's blog tour, in which The Never Ending Story is invoked, including a hilarious invitation to ride a luck dragon named Falcor. And then there is this interview with J.R. Forasteros.

Last but not least I wanted to mention this picture from Terrence Green, because I WAS HIS HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER! Can you believe it? You probably can. But it's weird to see my students all, like, adults and stuff.

Whew! I think we're all caught up now! Breathe a sigh of relief!

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  1. Thanks for the reciprocal shout out, Matt. Now we're even.

    *ahem* Unless you want to review and giveaway a copy of my e-book. ;)

    Christmas blessings and all that!