Monday, June 07, 2010

Oregonian Article

If you haven't seen it already (because I'm sure you have nothing better to do with your weekends than google my name over and over, hoping that something new will come up), here's an article that appeared in yesterday's Oregonian.  It's a fun piece.  You will like it.  You will probably want to print it out and place it on your mirror, so you can read it each morning while you comb your lustrous hair.  Unless you are like me, in which case you can read a few words each morning while you pretend to comb your Bald.


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  2. Marianne1:30 PM

    That's a fun picture and a really cool article :)

  3. Man everybody keeps bringing up CS Lewis. Not fair. I can't compete against him as a nemesis.

  4. Anonymous8:28 PM

    wow matt! how fun! we will post this up in our oz toilet for sure :)

  5. pongboy8:57 AM

    I hope you would be flattered if you were to be dubbed the "new Donald Miller"? But way cooler! And you have your own unique style of humor also. :D Add me to your growing list of fans! :) It was a great, fun article to read.