Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Time Machine, Take Us To The 1980's!

Tonight, because of our friend Justin McRoberts Krista and I started talking about George Michael tonight. And during that conversation Krista revealed that she had NEVER SEEN A MUSIC VIDEO FROM THE 80s! She somehow missed them all!

Which REQUIRED that she watch George Michael's classic video for "Faith." You gotta have it. It is awesome. And now you need to watch it. WARNING: Elvis dancing and 80's style abound in this video.

Where do you start with someone who has never seen ANY music videos? Well, I immediately thought of "Take On Me" by Ah-Ha!

Krista's comments included:

1) It is awesome.

2) That girl in the video had Krista's dream 80's haircut.

3) That girl from the video has the same stereo Krista had! She is stealing Krista's dream hair and her boom box!

I then turned Krista's attention to "Happy To Be Stuck With You" by Huey Lewis and the News.

Then she made me stop. In fact, she didn't make it to the end of the video. Even though it is funny and rad. And Huey Lewis.

Then I tried to convince her to watch a David Hasselhoff video. But she politely declined. You need not do the same:

I know, that last one is not from the 80's. But it could not exist without the 80's, could it? No, it could not.

DISCUSS: What 1980's music videos must we introduce to Krista?


  1. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Wow, those were awesome in the their awfulness. No 80's music video compilation is complete without at least one Bonnie Tyler. My favorite is Holding Out for a Hero - synthesizers, big hair and bad dance moves.

  2. Well, Never Gonna Give You Up, for sure :-)

    For something utterly bizarre, Total Eclipse of the Heart - Literal Edition.

  3. Marianne C.2:22 PM

    I've never seen the Hasselhoff one before...did he do it as a joke? I may have nightmares...

  4. I know you aren't actually shocked, but you just introduced me to my first 80's music video as well. So, Thank you. I think...