Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Late Night Television, Entertain Me!

The Drew Carey show comes on at 9. Since the writer's strike, this is by far the best thing to watch, unless you really like schlock like American Idol.

My favorite advertisement tonight was for a drug called MIRAPEX. It's a drug for treating "restless leg syndrome." Here are a few of the side effects:

Somnolence (In fact, the warning says that MIRAPEX can cause you to "become sleepy or fall asleep while doing normal everyday activities like driving a car.")

In addition, you might feel faint or become dizzy when standing up.

Some people have hallucinations. Not just visual ones, either. Auditory, tactile and olfactory hallucinations, too! Wow!

And lastly, my favorite set of side effects:

Compulsive gambling, eating, and increased sex drive.

On the other hand, HEY! No more restless legs. Ha ha ha!

Here's a testimonial from Adrian Jones, former restless leg sufferer: "I remember when I used to sit on the couch and my legs felt just awful. Restless. Weird sensations. But ever since I started taking MIRAPEX I've been sleeping a lot, feeling nauseous, wanting to eat more, have sex and waste money and... I FEEL SO YOUNG! It's like I'm back in the fraternity again. I hardly ever think about my restless legs anymore." Okay, I made that one up.

A last thought from the MIRAPEX website: "Please note that this is not a complete list of possible side effects."

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