Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Lesson I Learned In Spain

During our time in Spain, Krista and I went (together with a large contingent of friends, loved ones and miscreants) to two castles. We have an enormous number of pictures from these that I should upload somewhere but I am not going to right now. So just picture them in your mind. Okay, I see what you are picturing, and they're a little more Muslim looking... they are Moorish castles. yeah, more like that. Lots of colored patterns on the walls, fountains, arches, gardens, fruit trees. Nice. Good job. Okay, keep thinking about that.

One thing I learned while walking around castles in Spain is that men and women think about vastly different things when imagining life in medieval castles.

Things women think about: I imagine it was very beautiful here inside the castle in the spring, when all the roses and other flowers were in bloom.

1b) Things men think about: I imagine that the ability to grow crops inside the castle walls would make it much easier to live through a siege on the castle.

2a) Women: The fountains here are pretty and I shall take some photographs of them.

2b) Men: The fountains show that there is a large supply of fresh water. Which would make it easier to live through a siege. I will drink some to make sure it is potable.

3a) Women: The curved entrances to this section of the castle are beautiful. I should do something to remember them. Like take a photograph.

3b) Men: The curved hallway here would be an excellent place to make my stand. I would put my archers here and as the invaders came around the corner... WHAM! ARROWS IN THE GULLET! OW! Also, I could pour pitch on the floor and light it. Or I could have the archers shoot burning arrows. This place is good for killing people.

CONCLUSION: Castles are a great place to visit, regardless of gender.


  1. A great place to visit, but would you want to live there? I think I would rather live in Krista's castle than yours, for the record.

  2. Matt apparently you forgot to read my mind...because though I was focused on the pictures, I was also focusing on the interior decorating aspect...you know the tiles and carvings for how unique a house/castle would look. It sounds like as you walked through there you were imagining yourself in the trad. garb with the weapons and all. Probably similar to a boy playing soldier as a kid in a make shift castle in the back yard...except you were really in one!

  3. Ha! Men do think alike. I was in Germany and Austria last summer. My wife was enjoying the view from the Fortress above Salzburg, and I was thinking "Man, I could SO take out any invaders from this position."

  4. Anonymous1:47 AM

    you should really write a book based on this concept. "how men and women think about...." the possibilities are endless! :)

  5. Patience is a great thing my friend. You can go view the latest post about the 49th Ministry.