Friday, February 09, 2007

Get Ready!

I found out this week that two more of my stories have been accepted to the Wittenburg Door. I won't go into any detail other than to say that one is an interview with Superman (which was a real honor... maybe I'll give you guys more details after the story is published) and the other one has the catchy title, "Men’s Retreat Speaker Shocks Participants By Focusing On Bible."

I also received a note from "Coach" Culbertson letting me know that he's accepted my story "The Deluge" for his upcoming "Coach's Midnight Diner" due out in July. No contracts have been signed or anything, but I think it's official enough for me to mention it here. I'll have to give you guys a guided tour of the Deluge and its 40 years of wandering before coming at last to the brink of the river Jordan. I got my first rejection letter (on a vastly different and early draft) on November 15, 2005. You can see young Matt's enthusiastic thoughts on the matter here.


  1. Yay!

    This is the 2nd thing today that has made me think that I need to get back to my writing.


  2. Greek conference better watch out for us bobcats!