Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I am not a Faker

The photo at the left has been creating a great deal of discussion from my friends who have seen it on my Facebook account.

So, in answer to your questions:

1) Yes, I am really moving in the picture. It is not staged.

2) Yes, it is really me. I have not pasted my face onto the picture of a Jamaican bobsledder.

3) The reason there are no "speed lines" is because it is not manga. This is also why there are no tears flying out of my eyes.

4) No, I am not a Faker.

5) Yes, I have pictures of me doing even more amazing things. But I like to take my time in revealing such things. Like the picture below.


  1. matt ... from a physics point of view, it's just hard to imagine your sled being perpendicular to the ground and still be moving at a high speed, esp with your center of gravity totally over the ground. However, i do believe that you actually rode the sled down though, i mean ... who else could crash with that kind of style?

  2. It would be impossible for me to deny that this particular moment in time ended any way other than with my face in the snow.

    But it's the stunt sledding that matters, not the landing. :)

  3. Well, aren't you the manly man! :)