Friday, December 13, 2013

Books that arrived in my mailbox yesterday!

I reached into my mailbox yesterday to find three packages of books. I suspected I knew what one of them was, but the other two were initially mysterious!

First was a copy of Andy Crouch's Playing God, a spectacular book about power. Every page of this book has challenging and insightful thoughts, and it's well worth your time. Andy thinks of himself as a reporter, but this book is a work of philosophy that will make you think about power and the exercise of power in a completely different way.

Second was a gift from Tyndale, who published my first two books. They're so nice! They send me gifts and cards all the time. I love Tyndale and all the fine people who work there. They sent me a copy of Take Time to Be Holy, a devotional book built around the thoughts and insights of Samuel Logan Brengle, one of the early leaders in the Salvation Army. I haven't been able to read this one yet, as my four year old promptly tucked it under her arm and walked off with it. Last I saw it she was lying on her stomach on the floor, the book propped open in front of her. I have no idea what she is doing with it since she can only read about four words at this point.

Third was a copy of a new anthology called COFFEE. It's a book of science fiction and fantasy stories, all of which have coffee as a major part of the tale. I have a story in the anthology called "The Cup of Truth." It's about a couple who meet for a drink at a cafe where you can order a coffee that tells you the future of your relationship. I've read four stories in the anthology so far, and I really enjoyed each of them. It's a fun, unique book with excellent authors included in it. If you like tales of wonder or a cup of joe, you'll enjoy this book. You can order it here.

How about you? Any books in your mailbox lately?

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