Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I'm so sick of people bashing the Millennials/Generation Y. 6 reminders for X and the Boomers.

It seems like it's about once a week that some ill-advised article makes the rounds, assuring Generation X and the Baby Boomers that they are superior to the Millenials/Generation Y crowd. Maybe we've forgotten what people said about our generations. Baby Boomers have an excuse, I guess, since they're getting to that age.

Here are a few reminders that Boomers and X are more like Y than we want to admit:

1. Generation Y believes "they can do anything." Unlike Generation X, who only thought we could do ALMOST anything.

2. Generation Y is entitled and lazy. I have this vague memory of being told the same thing about my generation. Wait for the money quote in that Newsweek article:

"We have a generation (or at least part of a generation) whose every need has been catered to since birth. Now, when they finally face adulthood, they expect the gift-giving to continue. I'm 28 and I'll never own a house, whines the Generation Xer. I'm 25 and I don't have a high-paying job, says another."

3. At least the Baby Boomers were dependable. They weren't slackers.

4. Generation Y won't move out of their parent's houses. In Generation X it was only the men who were staying at mom and dad's.

5. UGH. I'm so tired of all the Gen Y kids building their lives around social media. And if there is one thing none of us can stand it's all the Gen Yers taking "selfies" of themselves all the time and putting them on social media. GROW UP.


Bullying leads to bullying, that's what I think. The Boomers picked on X, calling us the crybabies (in the Washington Post? Come on, people, how about some professionalism?). Now X and the Boomers are teamed up to whine and complain about Y. Which is no surprise since the Boomers have been whining about Generation X being whiners since before we were born.

For all you Millenials/Gen Yers out there, take heart. There eventually came a day when the Boomers acknowledged that all their complaining about our complaining was unfair. They admitted that we weren't slackers. They realized that just because we got things done differently, it didn't mean it wasn't getting done. And they admitted all that in Time Magazine (in your face, Washington Post).

And guess what? After that WE TOOK OVER. Generation Y, your time is coming. It's already started. Sure, you're being called lazy narcissists, but the same articles are now saying you're going to save us all. 

It's your world, Generation Y. Show us what you can do.

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