Thursday, July 04, 2013

Welcome Daily Science Fiction readers!

Hey there --

I'm guessing some of you are dropping in today because you received a copy of my story "Portal Worlds and Your Child: A Parent's Guide" from Daily Science Fiction last night.


I'm a huge fan of DSF and honored to have my story appear there.

If you enjoyed that story, you'll probably like my novel, The Sword of Six Worlds.

Sword is a traditional portal fantasy that I wrote for my three daughters. From the back of the book:

Validus Smith has three goals. Stay alive. Save the world. Finish her homework.
For centuries the paladins protected the Earth from a creeping darkness known as the Blight. That all changed when a new enemy destroyed the paladins, plunging the free worlds into danger. Validus Smith—an ordinary girl in an ordinary town—is next in line to become the paladin. Untrained, unsure of her destiny, and hunted by monstrous forces, she must recover the fabled Sword of Six Worlds, the only weapon capable of defeating the Blight. The Sword, however, is not on Earth, but in a strange fantasy world connected to her own. In an unfamiliar world of monsters, talking animals and living rocks, can an ordinary girl like Validus survive?

In any case, welcome to the site. Your comments on "Portal Worlds and Your Child" are welcome, along with any questions you may have or whatever. I'll be coming around to comment on the DSF Facebook page and so on eventually, as well.

Glad to have you here!

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