Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday: Dance for your cola

Why is it that most "Wonderful Wednesday" posts come from Asia? Because Asia is wonderful, that's why. But usually it's Japan that makes a big splash here at BHR. Today, it's SOUTH KOREA with this awesome Coca Cola machine that gives out free sodas to anyone who can dance as well as a boy band.

No, really:

What's that you say? You want to know more about the K-pop sensation whose dance moves are featured here? Okay, fine, here's a video from boy band 2 PM:

And, just in case a young person was nearby who started shouting JUUUUUUNHOOOOOOO while you were watching, here's your score card for keeping track of the boys (stolen from a commenter on YouTube):

Nickhun - the one playing golf
Wooyoung - the one who's in the airplane
Chansung - the one lying near the pool
Junho - the one who wears shades and smiling
Jun K./Junsu - the one who looks like a DJ
Taecyeon - the one who makes this hand poses in the cam and is the one who entered into the yellow car