Thursday, July 05, 2012

I know you're excited to go see Spider-Man!

Maybe this will tide you over. Also, extra fun stuff for fans of Freaks and Geeks!


  1. Saw it and really, really enjoyed it. The only major weakness, in my opinion, is when they held too closely to the familiar plots points. It would have been fine, and better I think, to surprise by avoiding certain things, or doing them much later, in sequels, when you might not have expected them. But the story is the story, and I really enjoyed the whole thing, especially the humor, which worked for me. I talked a buddy into going after he swore to boycott the movie. He had to admit he liked it a lot. He was surprised at how well it was done.

  2. Nice! I'm excited to see it. Trying to figure out if I should wait til my birthday and have it be my birthday movie or not.

  3. Add in a huge popcorn, a giant pop and your favorite candy and I'd say it would make a good birthday movie. I do think the laughter of the crowd helped carry some of the humor forward, so if you wait too long, seeing it in a theater with only a few people will probably not have the same energy. Just sayin...