Tuesday, August 06, 2013

A quick preview of my next book

My friend, pastor JR. Forasteros, has been doing a read-through of my next book to make sure that I am not saying anything heretical. Part of the book involves re-imagining stories about Jesus to help them make (emotional) sense to a modern-day audience. He asked if he could use an adaptation of a parable I had written in his sermon this week and I said "of course" so here it is. It's a great sermon, you would be wise to listen to the whole thing. If you only have a few minutes and want to listen to just my bit, it starts at about the 11 minute mark.

There have been other little previews along the way, including:

A Trip to the Zoo
The Old Woman Who Almost Loses It
Frank Chases His Dreams in Hollywood
The Lost Son
You can hear some of my own talks coming out of the content from the book, as well, here. (ETA: uh oh. Looks like those talks were taken down. Never mind!)

I'm really excited about this book, which will come from Baker Books next year. We're working hard to figure out the best title right now. I'll let you know what it is as soon as I know!

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