Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Currently Reading...

Brought to me this week by an Amazon gift card from my sister:

First we have Michael Connelly's THE REVERSAL.I love the Harry Bosch novels and have read them all and I always buy the new ones in hardcover so I don't have to wait a minute longer than necessary.

Second is Parker: The Outfit, which is Darwyn Cooke's second graphic novel adaptation of a Richard Stark novel. The first one was spectacular, so I'm looking forward to this.

So this week is all about crime. Which I plan to observe from a safe distance here in my house, probably in my bed with my night cap on and a cup of warm milk at my bedside.


  1. Something I recently read... our region's Winter Conference brochure. SO excited you're speaking in San Diego!

  2. Me too! It should be really fun. Looking forward to hanging out... oh, and my whole family is coming, too!

  3. pongboy2:52 PM

    Wow, had no idea you are into crime-fiction! I'm always becoming a bigger fan! :)

    Now still waiting for Cooke to tackle head on Jim Thompson pulp fiction! That'll be the day! :D