Hi there!  I'm glad you're here, whether it's because you read one of my books or heard me speak somewhere or because you randomly typed m-i-k-a-l-a-t-o-s in a search engine.

Here are a few things to know about me:

My Books

My most recent work is called The First Time We Saw Him, a book which imagines the stories of Jesus in 21st century Portland instead of 1st century Jerusalem.

A sequel, Into the Fray, releases in summer of 2015.

Before that I wrote a couple comedy-theology-novels and the first novel in a kids' fantasy series, you can learn more about those here.

My Podcast and Online Magazine

My two friends JR. Forasteros and Clay Morgan basically forced me into a podcast. I was skeptical at first, but now it's often a highlight to my week. We interview comic book writers, authors, theologians, musicians and anyone who interests us, and it's always a fun time. Check it out at StoryMen.Us.

The three of us also curate Norville Rogers, a group blog that I like to call "an online magazine" to make it sound fancy and pretentious. You might get funny videos, deep spiritual thoughts or pop culture, depending on the day. 

This was a long time ago. He's much older looking now.
Here's me in Mexico City. Despite the smile,
I was a little afraid of getting my eye pecked out.
Or, as the gentleman who owned the bird said, "scooped out like a grape."

About Me

I live near Portland, Oregon with my family. I've been on staff with the non-profit organization Cru since 1999. I'm a graduate of  Western Seminary, and I love to speak at writer's conferences, student events, and churches.

I also like to talk to my fans. You can write me at Matt(at)Mikalatos.com or follow me  on Twitter or become my friend on Facebook. I'm not on Instagram yet. But I do have an old MySpace account floating out there somewhere....