Hello there!

You may have ended up here because you read my open letter to Steph about the sky lantern. If you haven't seen the original post, click on the link because the comments are both moving and amazing.
However you arrived here, thanks for coming! Below is some info about me, my books, podcast, and how to contact me.

First, my books:

Believe it or not, there's a book coming about the whole Sky Lantern event. It's about small acts of kindness, changing the world, the love of good fathers for their children and so much more. This is a book for literally anyone. My middle school and high school daughters have read it and love it. I can't wait to share this with you. 

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The Sword of Six Worlds is a fantasy novel I wrote for my daughters. It's the story of a young woman named Validus who teams up with her best friend and some talking animals to fight the evil of The Blight. It's a great, fun book. My adult fans tell me to stop saying it's for kids... but I wrote it for my girls. So it's completely appropriate for kids.

I also write spiritual books! 

My most recent book, Into the Fray, is an exploration of the book of Acts in a modern-day setting. It's about church, the Holy Spirit, and the importance of story in God's plan for the world. I think you'll like it. It's a sort-of sequel to The First Time We Saw Him, a book which re-imagines the stories of Jesus in 21st century America instead of 1st century Jerusalem.

Before that I wrote a couple comedy-theology-novels called "My Imaginary Jesus" and "Night of the Living Dead Christian." You can learn more about those here.

My Podcast and Online Magazine

My friends JR. Forasteros, Clay Morgan and I interview comic book writers, authors, theologians, musicians and anyone who interests us, and it's always fun. Check it out at StoryMen.Us.

The three of us also curate Norville Rogers, a group blog that I like to call "an online magazine" to make it sound fancy and pretentious. You might get funny videos, deep spiritual thoughts or pop culture, depending on the day. 

This was a long time ago. He's much older looking now.
Here's me in Mexico City. Despite the smile,
I was a little afraid of getting my eye pecked out.
Or, as the gentleman who owned the bird said, "scooped out like a grape."

About Me

I live near Portland, Oregon with my family. I've been on staff with the non-profit organization Cru since 1999. I'm a graduate of Western Seminary, and I often speak at writer's conferences, student events, and churches.

I also like to talk to my fans. You can write me at Matt(at)Mikalatos.com or follow me  on Twitter or become my friend on Facebook. I'm also on Instagram. I also have an old MySpace account floating out there somewhere....