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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

All of Josh Garrel's music for FREE!

Here's the song that made me a fan. It's a live recording so sound quality could be better. But it's an amazing song, and the reason I put this album on my Christmas list:

For the next ten days all of Josh's music is free. If you choose to "tip" the artist he is donating all the money to World Relief in the Congo.

Enjoy! And you're welcome.

And don't forget, Page CXVI and the Autumn Film are also giving away their music for free right now!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Seven years worth of free music from Page CXVI and The Autumn Film

My dear, talented friends Page CXVI are currently giving away every song they've ever recorded because they have decided to give up making money for Lent (not really... it's to celebrate their bandiversary). That's seven years worth of beautifully re-imagined hymns from Page CXVI as well as their original music as the band The Autumn Film. The seventh year is the "Jubilee" year, and in honor of that they are giving all their songs away for free. Go get them!

They've also just released this fun animated video of one of the songs from their "Lullabies" album:

And, if you're unfamiliar with the band, here's a beautiful version of "Joy" that I've always been partial to:

You can read about why Tifah re-wrote the song this way here. It's a really powerful song.

I don't know what you're waiting for... go get the music. And tell them that Matt sent you. And that he says hi and everything.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Autumn Film covers Coldplay

I've seen the Autumn Film do "Kingdom Come" live more than once, and I love it. They've just released a video of them singing it here:

They've also covered the more recent and more famous Coldplay song, Paradise:

Aaaaaand here comes Trouble:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Free music from the Autumn Film

You know I always give you guys free music when I am able to give you free music because my friends are giving it away. It's so true. It's because I am a giver.

Well, those fine, fine rock stars The Autumn Film are giving away a few new songs as well as a video of the excellent song "Joy"... a song that I've been listening to pretty much every day since I first heard it.

Here's the link, feel free to pass it along!

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Our buddies in the Autum Film stayed with us a for a few days last week, and A and I took them out to Multnomah Falls. On the way out, at Latourelle Falls we saw a salamander, which was completely unexpected and yes, rad. That's right. Rad. It clambered out of the water so I could get a better picture, and then, with a smile and a wave it leapt off the side and back into the churning white water below.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A great activity tonight for my Seattle friends

Hey, if you're in Seattle tonight at 6 p.m., here's your chance to go see The Autumn Film during happy hour at the High Dive.

I highly recommend that you go. And afterwards, when you are talking to the band, be sure to tell them, "Mikalatos sent me!" You will get a prize.

If you're not in Seattle tonight, you can download some free tunes from the The Autumn Film here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mikalatos Dance Fever

videoOne of the stint teams this week had a scavenger hunt in which they needed to see Mikalatos Dance Fever in action. I recruited some background dancers (you might recognize The Autumn Film... they have caught the fever).

Monday, April 14, 2008

Special Guest Star

Awww, look how sweet The Autumn Film looks. Look at those smiles. They sure are nice. I like them. Even if on the inside they are thinking, "Mikalatos, let us go so we can drive home."

If I were in charge of the band they would never be allowed to smile. I want them to look like a lean, mean junkyard band.


Last night we went to the Tonic Lounge in Portland to see the Autumn Film in concert. Here's the little banner that they hang on the front of Tifah's keyboard. I know you won't believe it, but she made this herself. It's true.

Here was the guy who played before them. His name is Levi Weaver. Apparently he recently opened for Imogen Heap, and the Autumn Film has actually seen him when they went to an Imogen Heap concert. The Film started geeking out when they saw they would be sharing a stage with Levi. He was great, actually. Solid, heartfelt lyrics and music that I'm not sure I know how to describe other than to say that I liked it a great deal. He played his guitar with a violin bow at times and various other things that have to be seen (and heard) to be understood. So if you get a chance to see him, be sure to swing by.

I took some pictures of the band when they were warming up. I am a lame picture taker. This is where you all are wishing that Krista had gone to the concert with me. Here's Dann smiling at his cymbals.

Reid contemplating his guitar.

Aubrea wrestling her violin.

Tifah laughing at something funny her microphone said.

Juli getting "down" with her bass.

Some fans you might know.

More fans you might know. I didn't get pictures of all the fans (like the Ryghs and my Very Own Parents and various others). This is because I am a lame picture taker.

Further evidence that I am a lame picture taker. This is a picture of Reid jamming on his guitar.

The last band to play was Boom Snake. Unfortunately, Boom Snake got on stage pretty late so it was pretty much five fans, Levi and the Autumn Film. Which in a lot of ways was more fun, maybe. We had a conversation going between the audience and the band, which was fun.

Anyway, Dad and I helped load up the Film's stuff and then wished them farewell and off they went for their 20ish hour drive home (at last). The gang is possibly coming through again this summer. I hope you'll come hang out, I think you'll enjoy them.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Rock Bands

Krista and I are on the road today, taking a day to process our lives and ministry together at a bed and breakfast in California that we went to on our Honeymoon. I'm looking forward to the time with Krista. Tomorrow we'll meet up with our team in San Francisco... we're meeting with some of the SF staff and the regional team from Crusade in California to talk about ways we can partner together, specifically in San Francisco. I'm excited about that, too.

Meanwhile, the Rock Band called The Autumn Film is staying at our house. You know how rock bands are. Staying at our house while we're gone, too. No doubt they are sliding down the (very short) bannister and are lighting cigarettes in the bathroom and tearing out the grass in our front lawn. But we'll recuperate our losses by selling their pillowcases on ebay when they are famous.

U2 will be staying with us next week.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Autumn Film is in town

The Autumn Film will be doing a few concerts here in the NW over the next week. This quote will give you an idea of their music:

“Like a post-collegiate Fiona Apple jamming with Snow Patrol, Al-Attas and her band serve up a violin-rich, piano-drenched sincerity topped off with a voice that’s wise and heartbroken beyond its years” (The Onion).
Here are the showdates and locations:

04/09/2008 09:00pm Seattle, WA The Comet Tavern

922 E Pike Street

04/12/2008 06:00pm Seattle, WA The High Dive Seattle 206.632.0212
Happy Hour
W/ Aurora

High Dive
513 N 36th
Seattle, WA 98103

04/13/2008 09:15pm Portland, OR The Tonic Lounge
3300 N E Sandy Blvd.
Cost TBA

Saturday, March 22, 2008

New Links

Hello Darlings--

I just added a few links which I should have added before, but I am lazy. And I deleted a couple who hadn't updated in the last SIX MONTHS. I assume your blog is done at that point.

New blogs to enjoy: Pink Couch, with Carolyn Culbertson. Sit in on her pink couch and learn from the desert saints, the dessert saints, and receive deep insights. More fun than a barrel full of monks!

The Official Blog of Dann Stockton. Imagine that Animal from the Muppet Show had a blog, but that instead of saying "Drums" and "Wo-man" he could actually speak and share his thoughts about his time on tour with Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. Except that his name is Dann and he is on tour with The Autumn Film.

Rocking it Indy Style is the blog of the incomparable Aubrea. She also sends out notes from the Autumn Film's tour. Aubrea also has a secret blog which she has not invited me to join. No doubt it is full of hilarious stories from the road and her deepest thoughts and feelings. But I am not bitter.

Lastly, we have Juli, also of the Autumn Film, with the Rockstar's Life. Included is an excellent post about sharing the stage with 15-year-olds who also have rock bands. I have heard that Dann is re-writing the song "Daddy Sang Bass" with the new lyrics "Juli Plays Bass." Coming to a venue near you.